Apple Pies for Heritage Festival

Preparations for the 43rd Annual Newfane Heritage Festival are in full swing!

Some of the friendliest people in New England gather on Wednesdays during September to make apple pies ...

Skilled hands prepare the apples and assemble the iconic symbol of the harvest season in Vermont: the APPLE PIE!

These tasty treats are available at the Heritage Festival, Saturday and Sunday, October 12 & 13 - with ice cream - or even as a whole pie.

For more information on Heritage Festival visit the website:

Rock River Revival Parade & Festival

Neighbors joined together on Sunday, August 25, to mark the second anniversary of Hurricane Irene's devastating passage through the community.

Revival along the Rock River was celebrated with a parade along the Dover Road, ending at the Old Schoolhouse in South Newfane.

Members of Newfane Church participated in many ways - with organization, parking, entertainment, walking in the parade, and watching along the route. Here are a few images ...

Chris Gray, who was a student at South Newfane school, rode the Old Schoolhouse Float
Dave Roberts towed the "Rock River Then and Now" to celebrate recovery along Dover Road

Zinna Hull rang the gong proclaiming Irene - the Wicked Witch is Dead
Bill, Jamie, Phil, and Janet represented Newfane Church in the parade
Leland & Gray students prepare for the parade
Ken Bower directed traffic and parking

Sandy Dowley and Nancy Rysz enjoy the parade
"Fred's Bird Rehab" - one of the many family participants
Recognizing that neighbors helped neighbors after Hurricane Irene

Following the parade, there were many fun activities
Live entertainment