The Church Today

The First Congregational Church of Newfane (also known as the "Newfane Congregational Church," or just the "Newfane Church") has about 65 active members who are regularly involved in the worship and ministries of the church. There are also many members and friends (resident and non-resident) who are connected with the church and often contribute in many ways to the life of the church.

The Church's Mission is:
As Members of the Newfane Congregational Church Our Mission is to live and grow together in faith.
Our Goals are for all ages and all people:
☞ To witness to God's Love by sharing with and caring for people in our local and global communities.
☞ To provide lively worship in a welcoming atmosphere.
☞ To offer enrichment through opportunities for learning, spiritual growth, and service. To participate in these opportunities as individuals.

Even in laid back Vermont, life is often hectic, focused on activity and material concerns. The Church's place on the Common is a reminder that life has a spiritual component, and that values like "faith, hope, and love" are of greater significance to life's fulfillment than the values of acquisitiveness, consumption, and activity that predominant in our culture.

The Church holds Sunday Worship Services at 10am, with special services at Christmas, Lent, and Easter. Communion is observed the first Sunday of the month. The history of the Churches of our area are observed each year. On the last Sunday of June and July, worship services are held, respectively, on Newfane Hill (where the church was first gathered) and at the Brookline Church on Grassy Brook Road.

For a small membership church, the Newfane Church has a remarkably vital music ministry under the direction of Alice Gausch, an experienced and talented musician. Alice provides the organ and piano music which accompanies worship, directs the volunteer choir, and arranges for special music and musical events. In addition, the church sponsors the Newfane Community Bell Choir which supplements the music of the church and provides bell choir music for community events and in neighboring churches.

Children participate in worship and share in a “Childrens’ Time,”after which they have Sunday School in the Fellowship Hall downstairs.